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In downtown Minneapolis, you’ll find Manny’s Steakhouse, with a menu that runs through a host of delicious-looking cuts of beef. Their website gets extra points for Manny’s Meat Cart, an interactive feature showing off numerous steak options in their raw and cooked states. This includes the 50oz. Bludgeon of Beef, described as “part meal, part weapon.”

-Men’s Journal

2014 Best Restaurants: Readers Poll

Manny's has been regarded for their top-quality steaks in the Twin Cities since the beginning of time, but more recently, readers have recognized Manny's for much more...

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On several levels—the outlandish prices, the unapologetically over-the-top portions—Manny’s Steakhouse is a perfectly ridiculous restaurant.  But by relocating from its low-profile digs in the Hyatt Regency Hotel to a new center-stage address in the Foshay Tower, the 20-year old beef palace proved once again that it’s also a perfectly brilliant one.

Most of the qualities that make Manny’s Manny’s survived the six-block move in August.  In fact, very little has changed at Manny’s since that fateful day the first porterhouse hit the grill in 1988.

“Well, it got more expensive,” said co-owner Phil Roberts with a laugh.

An entertaining sideshow, which involves a cart, a half-dozen raw plastic-wrapped steaks, a wiggly live lobster and a veteran server with a well-rehearsed patter, still kicks off every dinner.  The exceptional beef continues to be source from the same Independence, Mo., purveyor that has been supplying the restaurant from Day One.  The side dishes and desserts remain as seasonally ignorant (and, frankly, just as so-so) as ever.  The anatomically exaggerated portrait of the Manny’s bull brashly greets diners the way it always has.

No other restaurant can touch Manny’s magnetic ability to draw every fat cat—and fat-cat wannabe—within a 50-mile radius, a minor miracle for a restaurant that debuted during the Reagan administration.  Perhaps that popularity is due to curiosity-seekers, coming to kick the tires of the surprisingly chic dining room and the red-checkered tablecloth hideway that is the bar.

Maybe it’s because the restaurant is serving breakfast and lunch for the first time (both adhere to Manny’s basics-done-big mentality).  The location—anchoring the W Hotel and commanding a highly visible downtown intersection—could also be luring the standing-room-only crowds.

All a factor, no doubt, in making the restaurant the toughest reservation in town (in a recession, no less), but it could be that Manny’s is delivering exactly what diners want right now.  Anyone who can figure that out is brilliant.


ZAGAT 2008

  • 20 - Decor
  • 26 - Food
  • 26 - Service

“Red meat” and “big red wines” come together at this quintessentially “clubby” Downtown steakhouse easily earning its rep as a “masculine” kind of eatery but also for its “fabulous” meats ferried by a “pro” staff; yes, “if the martinis don’t knock you off your feet, the bill will,” but nonetheless, cronies concur “this is the place for my last meal on earth.”



"There is good news in Minneapolis for those who still share the secret pleasures of red meat, well cut and seriously served."



"The boisterous dining rooms don’t seem to deter the soccer moms rubbing elbows with star athletes, businesspeople, and out-of-town conventioneers who flock to them."



"Twin Citians, and savvy out-of-towners, would stack Manny’s Steakhouse up against any other manse of meat from coast to coast."



"Businessmen and groups chat loudly at tables and booths of this buzzing steakhouse. Servers push meat-loaded carts over bare wood floors. The manic energy creates a camaraderie in the unadorned dining room."



"You've seen the name of this fine restaurant before -- right at the top of almost everyone's best steak place list. Beef-raters and plain old steak-loving folks alike seem to jump at the chance to mention the name in restaurant dialogue. Manny's this, Manny's that. You can't get that kind of rep without actually offering really good steaks, and that's what Manny's simply does."



"Want to know what’s so satisfying about a properly cooked steak with a glass of a prestigious Cabernet to wash it down? This is the place to find out. Of course, there are other steakhouses in Minneapolis but none that champion meat as unabashedly as Manny's. This is where the stylish carnivores gather and where wheelers deal while they discuss the finer differences between single malt and blends. And in between, they are fed like royalty."



“Upscale, but not uptight. This first class restaurant has enough class not to have a dress code. You can feel comfortable coming here dressed to the nines for your evening at the Orpheum Theatre or dressed in jeans after visiting the Home and Garden Show at the nearby Minneapolis Convention Center."



"Manny's isn't designed for the Ladies Who Lunch. The first clue is the foyer's near-lifesized portrait of a bull in all its masculine glory. The second is the dimension of the portions, perhaps inspired by Manny's fellow Minnesotan, Paul Bunyan."



"If I were allowed just one more steak in my life, I might very well choose the 20-oz. New York strip steak at Manny’s."

– Rick Nelson, restaurant critic.



"Do Minnesotans spend thousands of dollars a year anywhere else, and feel lucky to do it? Hell no, they don't."


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